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In February 2023, Microsoft announced that we had joined the FinOps Foundation as a premier member and had joined the Governing Board defining the strategy and vision of the organization. Since then, we’ve been focused on efforts both internally and externally - to improve the experience of managing the Microsoft Cloud in alignment with the FinOps Framework, and also to define and evolve industry-wide FinOps specifications (including FOCUS), best practices & guidance, empowering all cloud customers and partners.


FinOps Principles by the FinOps FoundationFinOps Principles by the FinOps Foundation

FinOps principles apply across many different Microsoft products and services, whether you’re responsible for Microsoft 365 licensing, managing hybrid environments with Microsoft Azure and Azure Arc, or if you’re scaling cloud -native workloads in Azure Kubernetes Service. This new Tech Community blog and discussion area has been launched to help bring our Microsoft FinOps community together. You’ll still find product-specific advice and product announcements in their regular places, but we’re looking to grow this community of people who are passionate about running a FinOps practice and how that applies when Microsoft is your cloud choice.


In the future, we’ll be sharing advice, showing you how to use our Microsoft tools and resources for FinOps, and amplifying new cost-optimization capabilities. And over in the FinOps discussion area, you’ll be able to ask questions and share your experiences of building or maturing FinOps in your organization, regardless of your role or which Microsoft products and services you are managing.


Let us know what you’d like to see, and in the meantime, check out the following resources to help grow your FinOps practice:

FinOps on Azure - Find links to resources, related products and events.


Microsoft FinOps Documentation - Our official documentation including concepts and resources.


Microsoft Azure Blog - Includes Microsoft product and Cost Management announcements.


FinOps with Azure e-book - Learn how to drive cultural alignment, process cloud cost and usage data, and implement FinOps best practices.

Microsoft FinOps Interactive Guides - Gain hands-on experience with Microsoft solutions that enable various FinOps capabilities and best practices.


FinOps Review Assessment - Interactive quiz to assess your organization’s capability gaps and receive curated and personalized guidance.


FinOps Toolkit - An open-source collection of starter kits, reports and scripts to accelerate your FinOps journey.



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