Track Changes in Excel

Track Changes in Excel
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Hello. I am writing to request an enhancement of the current editing functionality in Excel. There is currently no way to track editorial changes in Excel.  Our team works collaboratively using Excel to respond to RFPs and RFIs each year from large consulting firms and each user needs to be able to view our Editor's suggestions and edits. In order to track changes we have to copy from Excel into Word, have it reviewed, make changes then copy all content back to Excel for submission. 

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Hi savortoday,


I believe tracking changes in Excel is available, but it is buried within the excel options and has to be re-enabled. More details can be found here:


I suggest that Microsoft instead restore the "Track Changes" button within the "Review" Section within the Excel Ribbon again, as there is a lot of unused space in the Review Ribbon now, and computers and monitors moving to higher resolutions allows more content and icons to be displayed on screen.

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