Need to have "owner" or "user who created" the service in 'Overview' page

Need to have "owner" or "user who created" the service in 'Overview' page

We have many users using my Azure subscription in our organization. Users have created many services. Now i would like to review these services as administrator and remove all unwanted services to reduce costs. For most of the services, i don't find 'owner' or 'user who created any particular service' in the "OVERVIEW"page (For eg., Azure database for PostgreSQL). Even if it is not available, i thought i could get in the 'Activity Log' and tried to search the logs. It also didn't show any information since there is no activity for the last 90 days and 'activity logs' don't keep the data beyond 90 days. Even support ticket with Microsoft didn't help. They  neither could fetch the data since there is no archive available for these logs. This leaves me with a situation where i find some services created by users who have either left the organization or nobody is using these services now. I don't have any clue how i can confirm. If i delete that service and later find that someone is using it, it becomes a problem. If i don't delete it and nobody is using it, i will incur charges unnecessarily.

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