Multiple video output options in Powerpoint

Multiple video output options in Powerpoint

I work in live events and we continually run into the same issues when displaying powerpoint presentations. The presenters all have different prefrences on how they would like to see the slides come up on the preview monitors. There are two specific features that would greatly improve this experience and aid the presenter in delivering their presentations. 


1. Multiple output options [MAC] - Currently powerpoint will default to an extended desktop. If you are using a laptop the "main" screen on the laptop is always used by default. In order to get speaker notes and current slide on two seperate screens you have to run the presentation on two different laptops The main issue with this is that the two decks can get out of sync when there are complex builds and someone has to phsically monitor both slide decks.

If you could define which output is designated as default and which is designated as extended you could run both screens off of one machine keeping the notes in sync with the presentation. 


2. Speaker note options- The speaker notes function of powerpoint is great but some people have different preferences. Examples would be 1. main slides on both screens 2. Current slide/ Next slide 3. Current slide/ full screen notes (the current slide/ next slide takes up a lot of screen space and if you want full screen text you need to run two decks.)


I love powerpoint as it is the most stable product on the market so it absolutly kills me when people ask for these features and I have to tell them it's not possible; esspecially when they respond with "you can do it on google slides)

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