Multiple Copy Paste

Multiple Copy Paste
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Hello. How about add the feature of multiple copying some texts like:
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There is something similar already in Windows 10, you just need to enable it via: Settings > System > Clipboard  and set Clipboard History to On.

Every time you copy something with "ctrl + c" it goes to the clipboard history.

You access the history wit  "win key + v".

The disadvantage is that you have to manually select which item to paste... It would be a nice feature if you could just press 1 to paste the first item, 2 for the second, etc...

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Yes I've been searching the internet trying to find something to do a function like this! 


It would be handy to have a "multiClipboard" function you could enable. Although I'd prefer a hotkey setup more like 

Ctrl +C   & Ctrl + V = Clipboard 1

Ctrl + D & Ctrl + G = Clipboard 2

Ctrl + E & Ctrl+ R = Clipboard 3

 Or a way to assign your own hotkeys once you enable "multi Clipboard". 

This way you do not interfer with the intial clipboard setting and those who don't care for it do not have to be annoyed with the automated hotkey setup. 


The Clipboard history function is just not efficient enough for me to do my data entry, when I'm working with 100 fields per block and need to switch in and out of programs/tabs during the process, with the clipboard window disappearing. 

I've had minor success running my own script on this in the past, but an actual windows function would be far better.