Microsoft Teams Tab

Microsoft Teams Tab
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Introduce Kaizala Tab in Microsoft Teams which adds the Kaizala web app into Teams
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I’m confused and seeking for some enlightening…


I’m working on a very important project regarding a non-profit initiative in Belgium that deals with citizen safety and prevention.

We have a small organisation that is looking for a solution to inform citizens and allow them to participate in safety and prevention, so potentially millions of users in Belgium.

We currently see a lot of our members using WhatsApp and Facebook groups which creates a rather chaotic and uncontrolled situation...


We looked at the following options:

creating a mobile app ourselves (preferably not!)

Kaizala (Microsoft)



As we believed Kaizala was in our case the best option, we started developing a solution build around it using the Kaizala API and portal.

What I now see is that Teams is enormously getting attention, even for those “First Line Workers”.

If I look at the Microsoft developers blog for Team, one sees messages almost every day – latest article: yesterday (

The Kaizala Blog’s latest article is June 25th 2018 ( )


Did we make the wrong choice? Is there still a future for Kaizala? Should we switch?


Hey @Marc VANDERSTRAETEN - we are gradually expanding Kaizala's market availability and it's already an integral part of Office365 - you would only be hearing more from the team! Good feedback on the developer blog, but if you do have a question, please do not hesitate in posting on the community!  Let me know if that answers your question! 

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Thx for the clarification. Looking forward to see more new entries though on the blog page, so that people don't get the wrong impression that nothing is happening! Keep up the good work ;)

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