When the time comes to grow up


It’s graduation season here in the US—an event that typically represents the transition from youth to adulthood. Responsibilities increase, along with expectations. Young people are faced with important decisions that will impact how the next phase of their lives unfolds. If you think about it, it’s not unlike a business that’s outgrown its technology.


When companies are just getting off the ground, the last thing they’re probably thinking about is their software. Their focus is on solidifying their vision and strategy, growing the business, making sure they’re meeting their customers’ needs, and getting maximum value from every resource. Decisions about software often come down to what seems to be the easiest and lowest-cost—or even free—option that fits their short-term goals. So, company may start out using a mix of platforms, among them Google Apps.


This option may work for them for a time. However, the feedback from customers is that at a certain point, they find they’ve outgrown those platforms. They reach a critical juncture: the business has grown. It’s exciting, but their needs have evolved. Productivity is more of a priority. Things like data management, security, and risk become much more important. They want software that can track the information they’re capturing—that helps them identify what’s relevant and keeps sensitive data safe. They need to stay focused on growing their businesses—and serving their customers—more effectively.


When they do their homework, companies find out that Office 365 is the best option. They’re sometimes surprised to discover that it doesn’t matter whether they’re on their way to becoming large enterprises—or they want to stay small, but grow in sophistication and insight, perhaps to expand their market reach and customer base. Whatever their goals, companies recognize that the one thing they don’t have to worry about is outgrowing Office 365.


Understandably, migration is a big consideration—with some companies wanting to complete their migrations to Office 365 as fast as possible to keep costs in check. Microsoft FastTrack can help with recommendations, guidance, and best practices designed to help organizations achieve quick and predictable outcomes. All of these factors play a role in the decision to make Office 365 the foundation of companies’ digital transformations—and a crucial element of their long-term strategies.

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