On-Prem AD to M365 Migration checklist/plan

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Just wondering if Microsoft have provided any best practice documentation, checklist, plan etc for migration on-prem AD to AAD/M365?

Current setup is a single Windows 2012r2 server providing the following roles:
 - Active Directory Services
 - File & Print
 - GPOs/Computer Management

AD Connect/Sync is in place and we have already migrated all mail to M365/EOL (on-pem Exchange server was decommissioned some time ago). 

I understand AD and AAD are completely different solutions but we're a small, basic setup and don't need the benefits of on-prem AD/Hybrid.

We can configure our firewall to provide DHCP/DNS.
We're happy to use Intune for device management and company policies.
We're also happy to migrate our file shares and user home drives to Sharepoint/Onedrive.

We understand we will need to drop all domain joined Windows clients from the AD domain and join them to AAD.

I guess my question is, what is the procedure to break the sync between on-prem AD and AAD, convert all sync'd AD users/groups to cloud objects and then decommission on-prem AD/Server without causing significant downtime. Also, is there any best practice around the recommend steps when disjoining Windows domain joined workstation and Azure Joining them (ie: least disruption to the user in terms of their files, personal settings, etc).

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


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