Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive for Business

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We create this tenant for testing purposes. I am from Microsoft Partner solution Provider. One of our customer want to migrate their Google Drive to OneDrive for Business. Actually they have 100 users in Google account and used 1.5GB storage per user.

1. Could you please suggest any idea to migrate google Drive?

3.  Does Microsoft provide any Migration tool?

4. If Microsoft dos't provide any tool, please suggest which we can use to complete migration?

2. How long can it take to migrate 150GB google date to Onedrive?

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Hallo Shamim444, hope this post finds you well :)

My few cents below.

Microsoft FastTrack migration ( can be a solution for you to evaluate.

BitTitan is one of the powerful tools you also want to take a look at. Here is a guide

Few things to makes sure for such migrations are
1. Volume of Data transfer
2. Network Speed to support migration job of high volume.
3. Service Accounts required to execute the migration jobs.
4. Office365 should have the target profiles created for each individual user with owner permission. Basically MySites for each user is a prerequisite content migration to even start.

Hope this helps with your migration roadmap. All the best :)
Take a look at Mover that is part of the Microsoft Migration offering. The only problem you might have is that Mover is not yet available in your region. Apart from BitTitan take a look also at the Migration Tools provided by AvePoint, Sharegate and Quest
thanks for adding in :)

Hi @Shamim444 


As partner solution provider so I think it’s will be better to use the recommended tool from Microsoft.

SharePoint migration tool is not for SharePoint migration only, it’s also used to move the data to OneDrive.

To be able to use this tool effectively, be sure that you are meeting all system Prerequisites such as:

You can also check this link below to have better understanding about using this tool.

Check this video as well:


In Case you performed the migration batch and you get any error code, so I’m going to recommend you this article for troubleshooting most of the SPMT errors.  


please let me know if you have further Questions!