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Below is concerning ipads/iphones.


Our Intune enrolled users have a ‘company portal’ app. The users who have the company portal app download the apps that the company have added to Intune’s app section. That is fine & I refer to these as ‘business apps’


Separately, users have access to their own normal app store just like everyone else and can download apps as normal. That is fine & I refer to these as ‘personal apps’


The problem is that we do not want business apps to share data with personal apps. For example, we have ‘Microsoft outlook’ as a business app that we do not want it to be able to share with a personal app such as copying and pasting data or using the ‘open with button’. Microsoft outlook is just an example, we have lots of ‘business’ apps that we don’t want there to be any interaction with ‘personal apps’. Is this possible on Intune & if not is there an alternative MDM?




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Hi Matt,

Yes this is possible, you need to configure the APP (App Protection Policies) and deploy them to your users as required.

Regards, Leo