I'd Love to know more about how this works for GOvernment subscriptions

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Can any user engage FastTrack or do we have to work with our main licenses managers to coordinate a FastTrack project?

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We have a government subscription through a volume licensing agreement.  We were able to engage through the FastTrack website.  We only have our Exchange Online plan currently for 250 employees.  Our other subscriptions are ala carte limited OneDrive and SPO subscriptions.  We will be going to full Office 365 E3 (Govt equivilant) on January 1, so will utilize some of the additional help at that time.  I did have to log into the system with a O365 global administrator account though.  They have a lot of good resources on their website for planning.

Hi Jason, we have copied your question over to the US Government AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything). Here's a link: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Government-AMA/I-d-Love-to-know-more-about-how-this-works-for...