How do you hide breadcrumbs/file path when sharing a folder externally?

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I want to use SharePoint online to share videos/photos with media but don't want them to be able to navigate anywhere else on our site or see path structure.  How can I just display the contents of a folder?

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The URL is composed of the tenant/site/library, so the system does not show the structure of folders or files. On the other hand, when sharing a single file, it is not possible for the user to access other parts of the URL, is what are you asking?


I'm new to Sharepoint. I've run a test where I share a folder with an email address (gmail) outside of our organization. When the recipient receives the share notification, he can, indeeed, see the breadcrumb/file path of all of the parent folders. How to hide this? I don't want my client to see the entire path of all folders leading to his shared folder.


Note: when the share recipient clicks on a parent folder, he is given a message that he doesn't have access. But again, I don't want him to even be able to see the shared folders.