FastTrack Adoption offers

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I have created a FastTrack account and can start some planning and use the resources available there.  However, the last adoption offer ended for seats purchased before June 30, 2016.  We are unable to purchase our licenses until January 1, 2017.  We do have some licenses for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, but fall under the 50 seat minimun requirement. 

While attending SharePoint Fest Seattle last week, during Jeff Teper's keynote, he mentioned the FastTrack services and stated that it was free to those who purchased the minimum 50 seats.  Bill Baer also mentioned it on a slide during one of the sessions he gave.  I questioned Bill Baer about it and he said he thought it was probably due to the fact that the FY ended in June, but there should be another offer coming out.  Can anybody give me an update on this.  I could potentially buy some additional seats to make the minimum requirement, so we can get some assistance on moving to Office 365, but won't until I know there is an offer available for Partner assistance.

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Carol While the adoption offer isn't available you still have access to the FastTrack service which will help you plan user adoption.

Thanks!  I am already logged in and we are using the FastTrack site for our planning activities.  We are also using some planning days from our SA plan to have a consultant come in and help.  At issue is capacity and funding.  Even though we only have 250 users, it's a big shift to move to Office 365.  It's also a big shift in the way my fellow IT staffers have dealt with pushing out software.  So some days it feels like I have a firehose coming at me while I try to take in all the changes - much less plan on how to get the information out to employees.  Luckily we have Exchange online and went through that migration as well as AD sync process.  But at the moment keeping up on all the changes to Groups and One Drive and SharePoint is a lot.  We also have to be wary of things like HIPAA, so while I push learning about DLP, the security guys are trying to lock everything down.  It would have been nice to have someone from the outside come in and manage the project, but with no funding, it looks like that won't happen.