Fast Track set to expire June 30 \2021

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This program is set to expire on June 30 of this year. Is it going to be extended ??

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Anyone to reply here please? I have the questions. @Davekingma do u mean set to expire or set to start charging?

@Davekingma every year since 2015, FastTrack (initially the Onboarding Center) was due to expire at the end of each FY. Every year since it has grown and grown to become a key tool for Microsoft in creating satisfied customers. Reports of its demise are grossly exaggerated! 

@PatrickCusack  then why even define an expiry date. Have it set to this program is in play until further notice. 

@Davekingma agree 100% - makes no sense to me.

Can you mention where that is documented? It sounds like something needs to be updated. We can add a blurb here - the program has grown so if we have an official overview, I can find that and get your source updated - thanks.

@johnnyg91 June 31st marks the end of the Fiscal Year for Microsoft. Terms and Conditions and program content is adjusted every new Fiscal Year. That is likely the reason for the expiration date to show up, program terms adjustments.