Eligibility to Fastrak

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Hello team 


I Work for a MS partner . I am preparing for a Migration for a Customer who has an Enterprise Agreement
He want to activate 100 users in O365

Is this customer have access to the fastrack Program

If yes when can i get in contact with the Fastrack Team in advance?

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If you mean you want to use FastTrack migration services, your scenario is not covered since the requirement is to have a minimum of 500 licenses in Office 365: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt651702.aspx I was not aware of this new limit since the former limit was 150
Hello Gonzales thx for your reply But i dont want them to do the migration for me . Can i have at least an assistance I heard that it is from 50 licences

I think you have it right. With at least 50 licenses you're eligible for Microsoft FastTrack services. Here's a link to a document on the FastTrack site that explains this as well as the license requirement for migration assistance . 




Good luck!