Cost Saving Automations with Azure Devops

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I would like to know what can be various potential automations or solutions to reduce cost with various components of Azure Devops?

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What costs ("components" in your post) specifically are you trying to optimize? Pipeline Job costs? Artifacts? Users?


Compared to ARM, Azure DevOps is pretty straightforward in cost optimization. 


  • Pipeline jobs - parallel jobs cost more. To save money, deploy less.
  • Artifacts - you pay for storage. Regularly clean up your non-production artifacts
  • Users - some customers might miss this. You pay per user. The best way to avoid paying multiple times per unique person is to use Azure Active Directory AAD integration. That ensures you only pay once - even across multiple DevOps organizations.
    For more details, see 

Try the below extension as recursive housekeeping job during non-business hours, saves a lot to our licensing costs.

Azure DevOps License Management Tasks - Visual Studio Marketplace

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