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Good Morning,
This question may be a little off topic, so don't worry about replying if it is. But, I was wondering if you guys had an insight if there are any plans in the future to update WSUS and fix the well known issues/limitations?
Thank you!

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I'm going to second this question by @Josh Myers.  Having to fix WSUS and CCM client side issues has become a full time job.  And when maintenance windows are required, you can easily end up a few months behind when you have to find the clients not patching and work to get them updated.


I will third this question. I'm also wondering if Microsoft will move to a monthly paid service for their OS, and if so will WSUS still continue to be something that businesses will be able to use?


Josh (and Christopher),

We absolutely continue to work on fixing issues with both WSUS and SCCM that may be impacting your ability to deploy updates. As you likely know we have 3 releases of SCCM per year:

- XX02 - that supports deploying the XX03 releases of Windows and Office

- XX06 - that supports new features from XX03 and deployment of XX09 releases

- XX10 - that supports new features from XX09

If you want to list some of the key issues impacting you I'll make sure to relay to the respective teams.

Thank you for the response