What does FastTrack offer for Microsoft Teams?

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Hey guys, I'm Caleb, I'm the product owner for Teams in our organization! Here to learn more about what fasttrack is offering specifically for teams



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Welcome Caleb!
Hey Caleb, we've moved this question to a new post to ensure the team sees it.

What are you hoping to see for Teams?


Hi Caleb! Nice meeting you. FastTrack supports Microsoft Teams by providing you with onboarding and user adoption resources and guidance. For more information about how we can help you can review our Service Description. Typical activities include confirming minimum requirements and guidance for

  • enabling Microsoft Teams on the tenant
  • enabling or disabling Microsoft Teams licenses for users
  • network configuration
  • Microsoft Teams client distribution

We also provide new FastTrack resources for Microsoft Teams, including a new scenario, awareness kit and Productivity Library cards—and our FastTrack team is available to provide user adoption guidance as part of the onboarding experience. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other question.


@Caleb Stromgren - the FastTrack Manager and Engineer that would work with your company would also provide guidance on what types of activities (like change management, training and awareness, use case scenarios) can help drive not just adoption for Teams, but also how the different services can work together to ensure your users collaboration needs are met. 


Awesome, change management is a big emphasis right now in our organization so I think this could be very helpful!


@Cyrielle Simeone 

Is there an option to have a an instructor help leaders in our organization with the initial adoption and switch from Skype to Teams. I know there are online classes people can register for, but I am hoping for a time dedicated to our organization.


Thank you!


Hi Team , We are planning for a TEAMS Migration from Skype , planning to do it in two Phase . Phase 1 :- As is Feature like Skype Phase 2 :- SBC purchase and Voice Cutover to TEAMS. But we want to initiate a assessment for Phase 1 , to be initiates ASAP . How do I get support from Fast Track team on the same . Env Briefing :- 25K Users , 3K Phones, 300 CallQ and Auto Attendent Reach out to me