Leaping to Ai in Africa with less Internet infrastructure

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Sayapafrica.org is the organization that I founded in California with a mission to assist, rebuild and help communities in 15 African countries. Our main issue is the connectivity. On the other hand, we would like to train and connect with our 6000 volunteers on the ground. We opened also STEM academies for African kids to learn to code and all want to try AI but  with offline capabilities. Help help help

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Hello! First of all, this sounds like tremendous work. Thank you for what you do.

We have a few things you may consider:
There is a platform called Community Training. You can check out more here: https://communitytraining.microsoft.com/

Also, for resources for the training itself, there are resources from Microsoft and our partners you can find here: https://aka.ms/MicrosoftDigitalSkillsHub

I hope that is helpful and hopefully others will chime in with ideas as well.
@Sayap_Africa408, the Community Training software does have a great offline capability. Currently it's not AI-enabled, but it's a great option for your use case. If you are looking for a guide on selecting a LMS, this resource that Microsoft supported us to develop may be helpful. https://iyfglobal.org/library/selecting-right-learning-management-system-your-youth-serving-organiza...