Copilot Products: Breakdown

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We've seen a lot of copilot demos in the last couple of days: here's what the products are and what they do: 

1. Microsoft Copilot: Formerly Bing chat has access to the internet but not your email or calendar

2. Microsoft 365 Copilot: Everything in MS copilot plus access your 365 email, calendar, etc.

3. Microsoft CoPilot Studio: low code interface to customize virtual power agents that enable customization of your AI


Community and Microsoft team- please add or correct!

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I loved seeing the demos of copilot for how to protect sensitive data

Great summary @Ravileen.


I would add that Microsoft Copilot is available for free as part of most Microsoft 365 subscriptions and can be accessed at or in the Edge browser. Importantly, make sure you log in with your work or school account so that your data is protected.


While the other options will have access to your Microsoft 365 data and apps, they will require additional licencing.



@Ravileen if you want to learn more about those products feel free to join 

Demo Days: Microsoft Tools and Technologies for Nonprofits, a series of live trainings that will show you how to make the most of Microsoft products for your nonprofit mission. 


Topics include:

  • Prompt engineering for Nonprofits 
  • Reimagine your workflow with Copilot
  • Power Platform Citizen Developer I: Where to start?
  • Making your content more inclusive and user-friendly with Microsoft Accessibility tools
  • How to create and deploy conversational bots in minutes with Copilot Studio.
Thanks for spelling this out, @Ravileen! The fact that this wasn't more clearly spelled out during the summit was one of my only frustrations.
@Matt-MotiveConsulting when you log into copilot, are you also seeing that it's logged in, but still prompting you to sign-in. I'm trying to determine if it's a design issue in Copilot or just an issue for our org.

Hi @Eric_Couper 


Yes, when logged in it displays your email and org name...


Logged in.png

Otherwise, it looks like this...


Not logged in.png


Hope that helps.

@Matt-MotiveConsulting Alas, we aren't getting the "protected" logo in the top (see pic), AND we have an addition prompt encouraging us to sign in even though we already are. Do you happen to know if your org adjusted any settings to make that happen?  

copilot screen.jpeg

Hi @Eric_Couper 


There shouldn't be any settings required.


However, there is a difference between the Edge and Chrome browser experience. My screenshots were from Edge, yours looks like it's Chrome.




Hmm. The same prompt encouraging "Link your work and personal accounts to have longer conversations." appears in both Chrome and Edge. We also do not have that green "secured" icon next to the email address either. I'll keep looking for an answer, but it is very valuable to see what yours looks like. Thanks!

Hey @Eric_Couper


I recommend reaching out to Nonprofit Support for further assistance with your authenticated Copilot experience. Once you need to share specific information about your environment, doing so with a support representative is advised to protect your private information.


Thank you,