Windows 11 Mail app error 0x85010013 when trying to add Exchange 2007 account

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I'm trying to add an Exchange 2007 mail account to Windows 11 Professional 21H2 Mail app; the system show the message "Are you sure that you want to add, update or remove your mail account?", I click yes, then I get this error message (0x85010013):



Note that on two previous PC with Windows 10, the same mail app works fine, obviously with same mail account configuration.

I've tryed some of the solutions found on the internet, like:

  • update mail app to the latest version;

  • clear application data;

  • uninstall & reinstall mail app.

I've reported the problem to the IT Manager, which send me this configuration dialog; he also told me that there aren't access restriction:


I know that this Exchange Server version is outdated, but it will not upgraded in the next month.

I would like to know why the same mail account with Windows 10 Mail app worked fine, with both home and office PCs.


Thanks in advance for the hints,


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