What is the difference between a mail-enabled security group and a distribution list?


Specifically, answering to above question about the difference between distribution groups and mail enabled security groups, it is important to firstly understand the difference between distribution groups and security group.


Distribution groups tend to work with an email client to determine inclusion of users in group messages. Whereas Security groups are specifically concerned towards controlling access to resources such as hardware or SharePoint files.

It is important to note that security groups can be mail-enabled. It has been generally encouraged to do so for multiple reasons:


If a new resource is added into security groups, all the users will receive an email notification.


If a hardware resource within an organization breaks down such as a printer, relevant users would be informed via an email.

Hence, to specifically answer questions a whether to choose mail-enabled security groups or a distribution group?, it has been reported by various of organizations that they avoid creating any distribution groups, and to only create security groups and mail-enable it to avoid groups duplication.

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