Using the New Exchange Admin Centre to add senders to distribution list in delivery management

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Hello there

I cannot add two members to the same group from two domains that have the same name 


email address removed for privacy reasons

email address removed for privacy reasons


It keep saying it can't add them both. 


I have had to switch back to the classic system to do this. 

There is a similar problem when adding contacts to distribution lists....

So I believe it is a UI error. 


Is this likely to be fixed anytime soon. Or should I stay using the classic interface for now. 





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OK so the examples have been removed for privacy reasons I will try and post them here.
firstname at domainname1 dot com
firstname at domainname2 dot com

The UI replaces the full e-mail address with a shorthand of just the username which seems to cause the conflict,

I think I can repro this, sort of. The UI is trying to enforce the new uniqueness requirement for the Name parameter it seems. Tagging @Nino_Bilic for sanity check here.

Hmmm... can you send me screenshots or steps, Vasil? I don't know that I fully get it. Is this adding the same user that has two different SMTP addresses or ?
In my case, it seems to be resolving the recipients based on Name value, thus preventing me to add two obviously different objects. But that's a bit different from what the OP detailed above, me thinks. I've send you an email.