Using EOL protection but keep autodiscover using on-premise

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Currently I have Hybrid configuration and its working fine.

currently the External DNS is point to my premise.

I need to use Exchange Online Protection only to protect incomming email, but I still need to keep Autodiscover pointing to my premise.

As far as I know it should be a simple thing which I change the MX only and leave the CNAME for the autodiscover pointing to my premise.

But the issue I am having is when I try to manage the DNS using the I am forced to change all, MX - Autodiscover - SPF record.

how can I configure the wizard to only process MX and SPF and not to change the autodiscover.

is it OK if I did the change only for these 2 records and leave the autodiscover as is ?

NOTE I am using a thirdparty External DNS infrastructure.



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EOP doesnt care about your autodiscover record, the MX is the important one here. And pay no attention to the Domain setup/DNS setup wizard in the portal, even 9 years after release they havent adapted it to cater to hybrid scenarios.

@Vasil Michev 

Thanks for your answer.

So I will update the DNS direct and just leave autodiscover alone.

this should have no impact and hopfully everything will be fine ... :)