User received a lot of spam related to subscriptions for diferent pages




Today a user reported a lot of spam emails (~1000), the spam last aproximately 1 hour. Reviewing the message trace the emails came from diferent senders and ip addresses, but all were related to subscriptions for diferent pages (see below sample).


As anyone seen a similar case?



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Someone got upset with them and subscribed them to one of those spam subscription services?
I experienced this on my email two days ago and I have received at least 2000 plus subscription requests worldwide. I notified Cox Communications about this issue and have not received a reply. Does anyone have a fix for this?

I got a handful of them. The spammers seem to be trying to use email subscriptions. It stopped after a day or so, I imagine that caught on.



The spammers are probably doing bulk imports into any service that allows email subscriptions and trying to fool people into confirming so that they are considered confirmed opt-in subscribers at that point. Mail from legit email services to COI recipients has a higher chance of landing in inboxes than the average spam campaign.