User Based Retention Policies

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Has anyone seen an instance where you can not remove an exchange online account due to a USER based retention policy? I show a GUID but it doesnt align to anything in my retention policies or org level holds...Microsoft Support keeps insisting its an "unknown org retention policy" and was looking to zap it at the back end, but that is not a sustainable option especially since the data I am seeing is that its unique per user...


the error on remove-mailbox is that it can not execute the command due to "UserPolicies Applied: MBX(GUID):2,MBX(GUID):2" 

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@VasilMichev thanks for the reply and sorry for the late response...that article was one of the first I reviewed...after a case with MS, they have recently identified an item where policies may stick around on mailboxes after they have removed from the the compliance center...they are working on a fix and updated commandlets