User based forwarding detection


We all know that there is backend stuff in 365 that we can do to enable forwarding of a users mailbox to another individual/DL, and via powershell we can view/report on it. But what if the user enables it inside their own mailbox, how can we see that? or change it if need be? I dont see those setting in get-mailbox or get-inboxrule


My team often is tasked with doing this config however users of late are doing it themselves, fortunately we have safeguards to prevent auto-forwarding to external parties


so is this data visible via powershell?

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How exactly is forwarding enabled by the end user? If he enables it via OWA settings, it's visible via Get-Mailbox properties. If he enables it via rules, it's visible via Get-InboxRules. Any other methods dont count as "native" and are not covered by the management tools, not much you can do there. 

@Vasil Michev it is via OWA, however when I look at their mailbox in powershell, I dont see anything...if I set it via ECP as an admin, then I see it

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Setting it via OWA will be reflected, are you checking all the relevant properties? Here's a short article I wrote on this a while back:

@Vasil Michev very nice write up! I just tested it again and its there...dont know what happen the last 2 times...thanks for this info!