Upgrading of Exchange Server 2013 CU from CU22 to CU23

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The exchange services currently installed in our environment is Exchange Server CU22 with Active Directory services on 2012 R2. We are going to update CU to CU23 for Exchange Server 2013. Currently values of relevant attributes are as given below;


ADSI Edit Schema rangeUpper (ms-Exchange-Schema-Version-Pt) = 15312

ADSI Edit Default Naming Convention objectVersion (Microsoft Exchange System Objects) = 13236

ADSI Edit Configuration Exchange Organization objectVersion = 16131


Please guide if we first need to extent Active Directory Schema before running setup of CU23.


Thank you for your time and assistance in this regard.




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If required, setup will perform it for you, unless you are in split-permissions mode. However, there are no changes.
There are some additional requirements for CU23.
See here, note about .NET 4.7.2
Also see here and here.


Thank you for the feedback. @VickVega