Upgrade from exchange on-premise 2010 to Hybrid Exchange 2016. Does it worth?

AKM Shahidul Alam
New Contributor

Hi All

Our organization is planning to update Exchange 2010 on-premise to Hybrid Exchange 2016.


Is it better to have the Hybrid Exchange 2016 or

On-premise 2016 or

Online 2016.


5 location office

1 location we have 280 users

Other 4 location we have 120 users


Now we have 4 exchange on two geo-location, DAG is configured, 3 Mailbox. Any other details please let me know.  


Thank you in advance for your feedback.


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Exchange online


Eliminate replacing and maintenance of on-prem hardware, save $$, don't have to worry about CU updates/downtime etc, spending $$ on backup software/hardware/replacing them, ease of your daily IT dept. task in administration, auditing and managing your users.


OR you can pilot test Hybrid with certain no. of users first, see what issues you face, you must be good in understanding and troubleshooting mail flow from on-premise to Exchange online.


All the best!


Hi Shahidul,


For all organizations that are in your phase of maturity I advise Hybrid.


Implement Hybrid, test and do a POC with a few users migrate them to Office 365 and then decide what best fits for you.


Hybrid is the best experience to end users.



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