Updating incoming message body

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We're building an enterprise product that augments incoming messages.

In order to do so, we need to be able to update the incoming message.

This can happen asynchronously after the message is already in the inbox, or it can happen inline.


How do we go about doing such a thing? Looking at ms graph api we couldn't find an officially supported solution to our need.


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If you product should work with on-premise Exchange server, create a so called transport agent.

@Victor Ivanidze Thanks for your reply.

We're actually more interested in exchange online. Do you know if there's a similar solution to transport agents in exchange online?

You can use a Power Automate flow.
Unfortunately power automate flow allows only the operations ‘move’, ‘delete’, ‘mark as unread’ on exchange emails, and doesn’t allow changing mail content
No, if fact you can do much more if you will use Power Automate in combination with MS GRAPH API.
Ms graph api has an UpdateMessage api. But the documentation states that the ‘body’ property can only be updated when isDraft is true.
I did not find a documented way to update the email body using ms graph api.
I believe there exists an indirect way.