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How do we provide user access to update their own email display name?
From the Exchange Admin site, I can see there is a Roles which provide Profile Information update. How do I assigned this roles to user so that they can edit their own display name?

Please refer the attached screenshot for reference.


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You need to configure a role assignment policy with the corresponding settings enabled, and assign it to users. Read here for details: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/permissions/role-assignment-policies?view=exchserver-2019

@Vasil Michev 

That is what I did.

I went to EAC, Permissions > User Roles. There is an existing default policy - Default Role Assignment Policy.

I have edited the policy by including two more roles to it: MyContactInformation andMyProfileInformation. (refer screenshot attached)

All the users are assigned with this default policy - Default Role Assignment Policy (refer screenshot attached). But when user login to their Account under OWA, the "Edit" button is not available for them to update their profile.


I can confirm it works fine here. Which version of Exchange are we talking about here?


In case you are talking about Exchange Online/O365, this will only work for users created directly in the cloud. Synced users will not be able to change anything.

@Vasil Michev 


Yes, we are using O365/Exchange Online subscription based. Is that falls under the cloud based?
I am not sure on "Synced users".

Synced means if those users are provisioned and synced through AD Connect, originating from on-premises Active Directory, or if they are created directly in Office 365.

@Michel de Rooij 

I am not using on-premise setup. In my case of using Office 365 subscription, I don't create the user under Azure (I assumed is link in someway). The users is created through EAC.

Is that still consider as "synced"?

Hi CL, that's considered cloud-only. Hence, it should work.

@Michel de Rooij 

Hi Michel, that's the problem I'm facing, it doesn't work. When user login to their Account, the "Edit" button is not available, and they get a "Why can't I edit?" link (refer screenshot).

Do I need to assigned any Admin Roles under the Active User section of their profile in Admin Portal? (refer screenshot)




Users can change their info here:


Step 1Step 1


Step 2Step 2



Hi, Which portal is that? I am not able to see such view on my account (Outlook.com):


Step 1.JPG


Under View all Outlook settings:








Yo need to access to My account first.



Hi, Yes, the My Account page is the page where user are not able to edit their profile. As the "Edit" button is not available. 


This is the "My account" page:




When you are in My account go to settings like shown in my screenshots

@Pablo_Barros unfortunately the old OWA settings UI doesn't seem to be available for all mailboxes, but the OP can certainly try accessing it directly via the following URL: https://outlook.office.com/owa/?path=/options/myaccount


FWIW, I pinged @David Los on this, and his recommendation was to use the O365 profile page. Which doesn't seem to conform to role policies.