update exchange 2013 cumulative 23

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I cannot upgrade microsoft exchange 2013 to update 23 .
It takes hours and every time I get the following error:How can I work around the problem?

I have deleted the entry in adsiedi:



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Did you actually deleted the exchange server for which you are running upgrade?


Yes, I removed it and when I try to install it, I get an error:screen.PNG

How can I uninstall exchange properly? Because now some error appears during uninstallation



Since you have deleted the exchange server on which upgrade had to be done. Now uninstallation will also not succeed properly since the actual server container in ADSIEDIT has been removed. Whether its installation or uninstallation the setup looks at the server container in ADSIEDIT and this server container is also replicated on all DCs.


So now you will have to do a manual exchange uninstallation. You can follow below article for manual exchange cleanup and then setup a new exchange install if you require.




I've deleted :


CN=Microsoft Exchange
CN=Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover


Here I did not find an exchange server in groups and objects


CN=Default naming context,DC=DOMAIN,DC=LOCAL
CN=Microsoft Exchange Security Groups
CN=Microsoft Exchange Security Objects


in the registry all deleted (MSExchange*), directory removed

in IIS Manager all deleted


and again stopped installation at step 7 (as in the screengrab above)



Did u uninstall IIS from the exchange box after manual removal of exchange.


Then after uninstall of IIS you need to reboot and install IIS again using prereqs.


Then install exchange as new.




I uninstalled IIS, reinstalled it, but the same error occurs during installation
I think I will reinstall Windows Server, it will be fastest, because it is already annoying...


I created a Pickup directory manually, the stage went through but stopped at: