Unlicensed Microsoft office 365 active user

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I am having one unlicensed active user in my tenant and I am going to share that account across the organization as a guest user without password sharing.


I have authenticated the SharePoint context and set it in cookie. It is working fine. 


Before going to actual problem, I want to give some background here,

1. I have created one AAD app with ms graph api permissions. (refer screenshot)


My problem is when I am trying to fetch my photo using graph API with above app. It is asking me for a credential. (code snippet attached)




1. Is there a way to get token without sign in Unlicensed Microsoft office 365 active user?

2. Is it possible to access AAD app with Unlicensed Microsoft office 365 active user?

3. If I am not able to access the AAD or not able to get the token without login, so what is the bare minimum licensing I have to provide ?


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