uninstall Exchange onpremise

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I have all mailboxes from an Exchange onpremise to Exchange onine.
How can I cleanly uninstall Exchange onpremise and remove it from the domain?



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Thanks for the answers.

Can I go this way
to uninstall the Exchange onPremise?

I have only one try and have to do it in a productive environment.



@Stefan Kießig 

I guess there is a bit more work, as you will need to update your MX and CName record for the autodiscover.

Check this one


and this is also good





Update your MX and CName record for the autodiscover is already done.


The migriation was not with hybrid exchange. I created not a hybrid exchange enviroment. Just use the migrate button in exchange online.


@Stefan Kießig 

I guess I wrote a reply, but then it disappears or I replied somewhere else to someone else :), Anyway

If this approach you used then it's OK, confirm your DNS settings, and remove the connectors.

Shutdown your exchange server for some time and see what will happen, if all is fine, then you can continue with the uninstall process




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