Unified Group mailbox, with automate processing

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We've set up a team for my department.  My manager would like to track our vacation time.  I've done this in the past with a resource shared mailbox and enabled AutomateProcessing and set my manager as the ResourceDelegate so that they can accept/reject each of the direct reports vacation requests.


Since we've set up a team, it creates the GroupMailbox recipient type.  It seems to have all the CalendarProcessing attribute of any other mailbox type.  However, it won't allow me to set my manager as the ResourceDelegate  stating I have to set the recipientTypeDetails of the mailbox as a resource.


Anyone have any suggestions on how to work around this, or any chance the ability to add a resource delegate to a group mailbox becomes an added feature?

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No workarounds, some functionalities are simply not available for Group mailboxes.