Unified GAL with AADConnect

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My customer wants to merge" into's existing hybrid-configured and federated tenant by adding email domain to the existing tenant and create a unified GAL as users need to lookup user in the GAL and vice versa.


  • "" is configured as an AD/Exchange hybrid forest 
  • "" is currently an autonomous on-premises AD/Exchange forest but users need Office 365/Teams 


Q1: Will the configuration be sufficient to provide a unified GAL in both Exchange Orgs? 
Q2: If Yes, how will the users from each forest appear in the GAL in the other forest? Contacts? Users? 
Q3: What would be the easiest way to enable free/busy calendar sharing between and users? Exchange Availability service? 




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The only way to end up with "unified GAL" in this scenario is to move all users to a single O365 tenant. Alternatively, you can use third-party "galsync" tools, as AAD Connect only synchronizes from on-prem to Azure AD.

As for free/busy sharing, org relationships are the way to go:

@Vasil Michev, thanks for your reply.

Could you please clarify "move users to a single tenant"?

The suggested solution is a single O365 tenant with two domains ( and as will keep its domain. is already configured as an Exchange hybrid and now they want to merge into the already existing tenant.

To get a unified GAL, will an AADConnect write-back sync suffice or does also need to be an Exchange hybrid? 

Thanks, Douglas

Writeback doesnt cover recipient objects, so objects created directly in O365 will not be visible on-premises. The only way to see all recipients across both domains will be when using an O365 account and only if both domains are in a single tenant. Or you can use third-part "galsync" products to create matching entries on-premises. PowerShell is also an option, if you feel up to it.

OK, but both domains (forests) will join the same tenant ("" already is with a majority of their mailboxes in EOL) and optionally "" will be configured as a hybrid. Without a 3rd party tool, will on-prem users from each forest not be able to see users from the other forest in GAL?

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They will not, as they'll be getting the on-premises GAL.
Thank you Vasil for your input.