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I can receive my Microsoft Exchange emails on my iPhone but cannot send emails. This has only started to be a problem in the last ten days. Incidentally on my laptop I can receive and send. I have been to Apple and experts have said that the outgoing server is not responding. They have cleared the Apple device and said this is a Microsoft issue. My domain name www.boundys.com is hosted by Network Solutions. Please help me. 

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@kenboundyscom Doesn't the iOS built-in app use a different protocol - maybe IMAP? Check the server end of that, doubt the issue will be iOS. Have you tried using the Microsoft Outlook App for iOS instead?

Hi @kenboundyscom Could you please let us know which exchange server version are you using.

Is this issue only in sending through mobile device?

Are you able to send emails in browser accessing OWA?

I just want to find its a email routing issue or client end mobile deice protocol issue.



James Daniel

@James_Daniel the server is outlook.office365.com and it is only an issue on the i phone. Apple say the phone is ok and its an issue involving connection to the outgoing server. Note that I can receive emails on this device and receive and send on my laptop and i pad. Note that this is Microsoft Exchange. 

My direct email is ken@boundys.com

Hi @kenboundyscom 

This issue looks like connection/Sync between device and server when trying to send.

Please try to remove and re created account in mobile device.





James Daniel

Have done so Daniel without any change

@James_Daniel I actually did that and could not get the account added back in to the phone! Now noone wants to own the issue. It's not an Apple issue - same problem with other phones that were used, Microsoft are not owning it either.