two companies exchange in the same Tenant

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llo Experts ,


our Company A.COM buy a new Company B.NET.there are no trust between the two domains.the Company A has a office 365 subscription ( Tenant )  with Hybrid Exchange 2016 .we have a request to styudy it is possible to migrate the Exchange of the Coimpany B to the Tenant of the company A .


My Questions are :

1-is the trust is necessary for this case or not (  just open some Flows ..) ?

2-  if the migration is possible ,  is there a way to delegate administration of the exchange online of the company B and the administrator for the company B can not make any changes for the company A ressources in O365 



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The trust is only required if you want to use ADFS.

The delegating is more difficult as you are going against the grain of the rbac model

What you can do is sync the users from both on-premise Active directories to AzureAD. When this is done you can use a minimal hybrid (if im right) to start migrating. Also check this technet article.