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Hi there, I can't find any settings in the new add-in admin center to turn off/disable an add-in for OWA for the tenant.  


Does anyone have instructions for disabling an add-in for users in OWA on a tenant - for instance I would like to block the S4B add-in in OAW and don't see the option in the new add-in management center?  Thanks!

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You can manage add-ins via the Get-App/Set-App cmdlets. In the case of Skype for Business though, this is not technically an add-in. You can disable the functionality by adjusting the OWA Mailbox policy settings (namely InstantMessagingEnabled:( https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/exchange/client-access/set-owamailboxpolicy?view=... 

@VasilMichev Thanks, Vasil!  I am actually looking for a way to turn off the Teams Meeting/calendar feature in OWA not control the add-ins for MS Teams.  Any info would be appreciated- thanks!

Hello @Ethan Stern,


Did you find a solution to this?