Trouble viewing calendar events on F1 mailboxes

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We have recently moved all our users email to Office 365 and they have been assigned Office 365 E1 or F1 licenses. Now I see that users with E1 licenses using outlook can't open calendar events on users with F1 licens. All mailboxes have accessright set to default reviewer, and everyone can see eachothers calendars and events. The only thing not working is opening an F1 users calendar events using outlook. If an E1 user goes to Exchange online they can open the events of F1 users just fine. 
Is this intended behavior or is it something I can fix? 

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Hi @Gly

See Exchange Online Service Description

Note 18
Exchange Online Kiosk calendars can only be accessed or shared through OWA.


Office 365 F1 have kiosk mailboxes.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard it absolutely does, thank you Christopher!