Tracking meeting response visible to all participants

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I have been searching around for this answer but I cannot find it. I recently discovered that every participant of a meeting can see the tracking status (accept/decline/tentative/no response) in Outlook on the Web of all participants and not just the organizer.


So you can actually see who has accepted the meeting, even if you are not the organizer.


When was this feature introduced and are there controls in place to change this behavior? Is there maybe somewhere documented about this?

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It's another recent improvement the team of @Julia Foran made, she can share more info.

It is on the roadmap as in development.  Was added to the roadmap on 6/13/17.


Feature ID: 12344

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Hi Joost,


Yes -- this feature is still in development, and we're planning to release it in Q4 of this year.


The final remaining pieces are for the Outlook on Windows client to show the Tracking tab to meeting attendees (currently it's only shown to meeting organizers), and to properly track responses sent from the Outlook on Windows clients.


More details

There are 2 attendee response properties: (1) the RecipientsList table that has each recipient and their individual response, and (2) the property used in MailTips to say "You accepted this meeting on September 21st."


When we enabled the Tracking tab for attendees in the Outlook on Windows client, we discovered that Outlook on Windows was setting only property #2. We're working on how to detect changes in property #2, and when we detect that change, we will update property #1 (so your own response shows correctly when you view the invitation) and then updating attendees' copies (so your response is shown correctly to others). Right now, we have it working for one-off meetings but we are fixing some issues with the way responses are detected for series vs. instances of a series.

Good to know. So you are working on bringing this to Outlook and it is already available in Outlook on the Web.

Is this something we can control, so as admins we decide if we want to show responses to all participants or only to the organizer?

Hi Joost, there won't be a way for admins to disable this for the tenant. In the future, we might allow the meeting organizers to choose if others can see the attendee repsonses/attendee list on a per-meeting basis but we don't have any concrete plans for that work.

Great to know that you are working on this feature. Are there any updates on this in the meanwhile?

Hi Carl,
We just started work on this and hope to release it in the next few months. I'll update this forum thread when it's released.

Hello @Julia Foran,


First of all I would like to say that this option for attendees to track meeting responses is great. I have one additional question:

How does this tracking behave when meeting is forwarded to somebody?

It seems like only organizer of meeting is able to see such users and not attendee. This makes a bit mess to users.

Thank you in advance for your answer


Hi Pavel,
I'm glad you like these changes!

Let's say a meeting is organized by User A & they invite User B. User B then forwards on the meeting to User C.

As long as both User A and User B are hosted in Office 365, then User B will see User C when they view their attendee list, even if C never responded or if User C is hosted outside of Office 365.

Does that answer your question?

From below thread it seems that the function that invitees can see the list of who has accepted the invite and who not is already active. Is that true? Also for Windows 365 on Mac?


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Hi Carl,
Yes, this is already released.
In all Outlook clients (Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, Android), attendees can see other attendees & their responses.

Hello @Julia Foran,


Thank for clarification of such scenario. 

So it seems that we have some issue within our company as Organizer see different people within meeting than attendee. I will dig deeper within this and if I will confirm it. I will try to open incident via our premier support.

So thank you for your response and have a nice day.


So if my company is using office 365, is there a way i can see the other attendees, if they have accepted or declined, when someone else in my company schedules a meeting for me and others outside our company are included? Thank you.

Yes. Open the meeting from the attendee's calendar and look for the Tracking tab in Outlook.

@Victor Ungureanu  when i click on the calendar item i only see Appointment or Scheduling Assistant.  Tracker isn't present if I'm not the organizer though...

Do you use the Click-to-Run version of Outlook? From the article above I understand that this feature is not available in Outlook MSI.

@Julia Foran 

Hi Julia,

 first thank you very much for that feature. One more thing as the official support article is not very specific on this

We have Outlook Office365 1808 but Exchange 2016 OnPremise. This feature is not working here. So am I right if this only works in Exchange-Online and not in OnPremise Exchange even we do have the Office365 Outlook Version?

@andib_commotron You're correct -- this feature requires both the organizer and the attendee trying to view others' responses to be hosted in Exchange Online. Even if you're on the updated client, it won't work if your mailbox is hosted on-prem.

Hello @Julia Foran

Will this functionality be available in the future in Exchange on-prem installation? Maybe works are planned and we need some time to wait it.