Time zone error when migrating to exchange online

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Exchange 2010 in a hybrid with Exchange online - when trying to migrate mailboxes now get the below message;

Server LNXP265MB0444.GBRP265.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM: Server version 15.20.0444.0000, Proxy method PSWS: Cmdlet error with following error message: System.Management.Automation.ParentContainsErrorRecordException: Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'TimeZone'. Cannot convert value "tzone://Microsoft/Utc" to type "Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.Management.ExTimeZoneValue". Error: "The time zone specified is not valid."..


When running through the remote mailbox wizard the above error pops up when you click 'new'..

This started earlier today. Mailbox migrations earlier this week have worked just fine..


Any ideas?


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I've spoken with MS support about this and it would seem I'm not the only one to report this today.  Will report back when I hear more from them.

So MS support never directly addressed that error as such.  There were other problems we were experiencing with migrations which were roughly this;

The mailbox migrations had failed (with the message in the original post)

The migration batch could then not be removed, either in the admin portal or via powershell.  For example you could delete the migration batch from the gui but 10 seconds later it would reappear.  If you did remove-migrationbatch you'd see the state go to 'removing' then back to failed again.


The engineer I spoke to said they received a number of calls about this at the same time I reported it.  At the moment the best explaination I have is that something went wrong in the backend and when trying to remove batches it was not calling all the necessary commands to properly remove it.


What they had me do was remove-migrationuser followed by remove-migrationbatch.  This then cleared up the problem and we can now migrate the mailboxes again.  I'm not sure if MS did anything as well to clear this up.