This message was sent with Low importance

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Dear all,


Does anyone know where can I set this message? 


Low imporance msg.png


Will be grateful for any help you can provide.

Thank you.

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Hi, not sure what you're asking but that simply reflects the selected "Importance" either from a new message Options tab or directly in the menu bar. If you're asking about how to edit that predefined informational text I am not aware of such.

Hi @ChristianJBergstrom Thank you. I believe this suppose can be done in the admin portal Maybe is Exchange admin online via the Powershell. Or maybe is in the Exchange admin centre mail flow.

@Sk-73 When you send a message by selecting the option as shown in the image (if that is what you wanted to know)Screenshot 2022-03-03 233351.png

Hi @JoyobrataD, Thank you. Do you know how do I set High Importance permanently?



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Hi @JoyobrataD I've managed to set up when sending an email the default level is High Importance.

The reason why I need this is because power automates email send out, as requested, all the email default levels must be of high importance. I know that button as you highlighted but is not set up as default. 


I thought this will like a disclaim message, will need to be set up in the exchange admin centre.




Those people who need it in Power Automate, can just simply go to that flow and change it. not need to change it in Outlook.



@Sk-73 Hello, that's good. For the next time consider adding a clear question as when we now know what you wanted to achieve it should have been simply like this...


"Hello, where can I change the default Importance level for messages sent in Outlook".