There should be a detailed report on SPF/DMARC policy failed emails to take CA/PA actions

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Currently only summary report is available for SPF failed / SPAM emails.  This report is not that useful. Emails are sent for SPF/DKIM/DMARC failed emails but in HTML format having different data at different time - not very useful. 


The detailed report showing senders/receivers or spoofed senders where SPF/DMARC policy is failed, will help administrators to take corrective and preventive actions in their tenant.  The report may contain following fields: Email originator IP/Domain, Spoofed email ID, Reply-to email ID, etc.

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@Pratap Birwatkar


Thanks for your idea - I have a feeling its an idea for a product but this idea space is for community improvements not product feedback. If you could confirm where you want this feedback to go I will point you in the right direction

Thanks Allen. You are right. I want this report available to administrators in Anti Spam / Anti Malware filter services of Exchange Online.