The Useful Clean Up Mailbox Option Hidden in OWA


OWA now boasts a useful mailbox option, which is helpful if you feel that you need to remove some old and lingering email. The funny thing is that Microsoft doesn’t seem to have told anyone about the feature – or my search-karma is failing me in finding any information about it.

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@Tony Redmond  This seems to have dissipated in a recent OWA change. There is no longer a "clean up Mailbox" option available that I can find, unfortunately.

@lett-ca New OWA is gradually being introduced and some options are still not available... so you use the old OWA until the new catches up. 

@lett-ca If you no longer have the 'try the new outlook' switch to turn it off, you can use this to bring up the classic interface.  


or this to get into cleanup:

@Diane Poremsky 

Help me A LOT!!!




The option is under Storage



I just noticed that it got added to the interface last week. Nice to see it is now available again.

- jb