The mail of another employee is connected (smartphone MS Outlook)

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Introductory data:
We have the MS Exchange Server 2016 Standard (the operating system is the MS Windows Server 2016 Standard).
Version: Exchange 2016 CU23
Build Number: 15.01.2507.012

Even when they were updated in May 2022, on CU 22, the problem appeared and is manifested now (also on CU 23).

When a user connects his mail to his smartphone (Operating System: iOS and Android) in the "Microsoft Outlook for Android/iOS" application, the mail of other employees is connected. Thus, an employee in Microsoft Outlook sees the mail of another employee in the Inbox. If you delete a mail account from your smartphone and add it again, then you need to do it 2-3 times before the correct mail is connected.
1 time there was a situation when an employee saw the mail of two other employees at once. That is, the mail of two other employees was connected, but it was 1 time.
What could it be?


P.S. Everything works fine on computers in Microsoft Outlook for PC, there are no such problems. Only MS Outlook on a smartphone.

Thank you in advance for your help. Sorry for my English.

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