The length of a work week in the Exchange Online Calendar in the UAE

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Hi all - I wonder if this is the correct place the ask a question related to the length of the work week? In the United Arab Emirates the work week has recently changed: up until the end of 2021 most of UAE followed a work week that started on Sunday and ended on Thursday, with Friday and Saturday being the days off for the week. This has changed at the beginning of January 2022, with some organisations following a work week where employees work a four and a half day week, starting Monday and ending Friday noon, and some organisations following a work week of five days from Monday to Friday. 


Now we have done some work around this with our customers, changing the work week config in Exchange Online - and this is fairly easy to do for the full organisation using Get/Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration and for a full five day workweek - but now one of our customers asked whether it is possible to set the workweek for 4½ days, i.e. the start of the workday would be the same for all five days, but the end of the work day would be noon on Friday? 


Has anyone at Microsoft ran into a similar issue before? If this is the wrong forum for this type of questions (wasn't sure whether the Localication discussion covered Internationalization/Globalization as well :-)), please point me to the right direction. 




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