Synchronisation failling between public folder secondary hierarchy and primary hierarchy

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We're encountering  errors when we try to create a public folder in the secondary hierarchy and it also occure when we try to modify the access rights on them.


We've checked our synchro with the powershell command  Get-PublicFolderMailboxDiagnostics 'PF-MAILBOX-02' and Update-PublicFolderMailbox PF-MAILBOX-02 -InvokeSynchronizer -FullSync.

I've included the errors in the attached logs and from what i've seen the synchronisation simply stopped working since the 17/10/2020.

The primary public folder mailbox remain functionnal since her synchronisation is still functionnal but all the other secondary mailboxes are just not synchronising anymore.


We've tried to move the primary hierarchy to a separate database in order to solve the replication issues but no success so far.

I hope someone can have an idea on the subject and i will gladly accept any help offered.

Thanks in advance ! 

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