Sync-ModernMailPublicFolders.ps1 to remove MEPFs from Exchange Online - Limits to deletions?

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Hi Folks,


We're going to be disabling upwards of 5000 MEPFs in our on-prem Exchange (decommissioning many legacy folders) and are running the Sync-ModernMailPublicFolders.ps1 script daily at the moment to ensure changes are synced up to EXO.  We have previously been disabling small numbers each day but are now ready to disable in bulk.  I'm concerned that disabling such a large number at one time in our on-prem Exchange may not result in all the "deletions" occurring in EXO after a Sync-ModernMailPublicFolders.ps1 run.  Is there a limit to the amount of these deletions in EXO (per day)?  I'm considering options around batching these but would like to know if any limits on these deletions exist.




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