'Suggested locations' shows incorrect capacity

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Hello, anyone else seeing an incorrect capacity in the 'suggested locations' feature? It started with another conversation here where a member had a question how one could change the capacity. As a consequence I had a look at our own settings and noticed they did not match.


I've gone through the settings in EXO as well as Set-Place cmdlet and it looks OK. It's not happening on all rooms and there are no differences between one that has correct display of capacity and one that has incorrect display of capacity. If I hover over a suggested location in Outlook on the web on a room that displays the incorrect capacity and let it "pop up" it's a correct display of capacity.


Any thoughts or just open up a ticket?



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So the capacity shown for the room mailbox in Exchange Online does not match the capacity shown in Outlook for that mailbox?  Is that what you are seeing?

It’s the Suggested locations feature. On the run with mobile, can attach a couple of screenshots later. Cheers!
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@PeterRising Found this and in the comments below, reply 6, another person has the exact same issue. I believe I'm gonna follow Mr Redmonds advice (support case). Thanks for your reply Peter, appreciate it. Btw, really impressed by your contributions here. Great skills!


*updated* partial solution is to clear the cache in Outlook on the web (e.g. hit "x" on the suggested location) as the Outlook client populates it from there. Still no explanation why this is happening or how to solve it org. wide.


*updated* final answer from Microsoft premier support

"There is no way we can clear the suggested locations for all the users. I would like to inform you that it is not necessary that all the users are facing this issue. Users which have used this room in the past must be getting it as suggestion. There is no way we can remove the cached location for all the mailboxes from admin center or by running any power shell command."



Thanks for sharing the article.  Very useful read.  It will be interesting to hear what Microsoft say about the issue,


Also, thank you for the kind words my friend.  Really appreciated.  I love trying to help people where I can, and I'm finding that when I can't, I am learning new things all the time from the great people of the community such as your good self!  :happyface:


And don't worry about the best response. People searching for this issue need to know what to do.   Totally the correct thing to do! 



Did you get a resolution?

@PeterRising Hello Peter! Maybe I should've been more clear. I've updated the previous post with partial solution and final answer from support and just wanted to let you know. Not happy with the ticket to be honest. But then again I'm not particular satisfied with the Premier support overall.